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Bob's Ham Radio Equipment:

  • Omni C (D series) with 2nd VFO and outboard "home brew" voice synthesizer frequency read-out and Astron 20 amp. power supply.
  • MFJ Model MFJ-941 Versa Turner II antenna tuner.
  • P-2000CW Audible RF Power/VSWR meter.
  • AEA Contester electronic keyer with Bencher paddle.
  • Model KAM  Kantronics TNC.
  • ICOM 2350-H 2-meter/440 radio with "home brew" power supply.
  • Alinco Model DJ-580T 2-meter/440 HT.
  • Regency Pro-2020 20-channel scanner.
  • 450 MHz IBM compatible computer with Bose speakers.
  • Antennas:
    G5RV multiband antenna @ 50 feet.
    VHF/UHF vertical at 100 feet.
    Larsen 2-mtr/450 duo-band mobile mag mount.